A case for style guides

Tabs or spaces? Single or double quotes? As a developer, your time is more wisely spent learning and knowing about what the code is doing, not trying to figure out idiosyncrasies of how the previous engineer (or you, six+ months ago) liked to style things. Enter: a style guide.

A style guide is a set of conventions and best practices about how to write code. …

If you Builder it…they will read your code easier.

Design patterns are reusable and well-accepted strategies for solving common problems in software architecture. In this post, I’m going to talk about the Builder pattern. One of the Gang of Four design patterns, the Builder pattern can be used to encapsulate and control the creation of a complex object by implementing a separate, concrete Builder class to delegating object creation to rather than trying to build directly through a convoluted constructor. …

Architecting software systems with sound engineering principles becomes more and more difficult as the demand for ultra-rapid delivery of new features and bug fixes grows. This is especially true for enterprise software systems and SaaS application environments where the business hinges on the ability to deliver changes to a production environment for active users.

A Philosophy Of Software Design from John Ousterhout focuses on one thing: complexity in software systems. While this book is rather brief at a modest 178 pages Ousterhout offers a good summary of what complexity is, the risks that come with it in software design, red…

Reed Odeneal

Senior Software Engineer at SageSure

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